Environmental Policy

Committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to our industry, and to our communities in protecting the environment.

Committed to protecting the environment and to reducing our ecological footprint in all phases of our operations by developing an Environmental Management System (EMS) that pursue sustainability and support the following eight principles:

  1. OPERATIONS – conduct all operations at a minimal footprint and in accordance with current environmental standards & practices.
  2. COMPLIANCE – comply with applicable federal, provincial, and local environmental legislation & regulations; collaborate with agencies to achieve a proper balance of appropriate objectives.
  3. SELF-MONITORING – monitor & inspect on a regular basis all operations, carry out corrective measures promptly, and conduct management reviews.
  4. TRAINING – provide the appropriate education and training for all employees & subcontractors to ensure awareness of their responsibilities.
  5. RESEARCH – support and promote research designed to develop new products and processes that improve a “Green Footprint”.
  6. COMMUNICATION – recognize the sensitivity of concerns raised by the community and the public through positive communication in addressing concerns.
  7. EMERGENCY RESPONSE – develop and maintain response programs to minimize the environmental impact of emergency events.
  8. WASTE MANAGEMENT – pursue programs leading to the reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery of wastes. Recycling construction materials is our key strength as we explore future alternatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Guidance 2020-2025 from Colas Group:

As a group, we have an obligation to lead the way in the face of climate change, the need to preserve resources and biodiversity, and growing ethical social and societal expectations.  Our production sites around the world have been taking a great number of responsible development initiatives.  These grassroots actions need to be globally organized, structured and strengthened.  Our commitment to coherent actions involves setting objectives and selecting performance indicators to measure progress.

CSR Global Targets:

  1. Decrease of 1kWh per ton in the asphalt plant burners
  2. 25% of warm-mix asphalt by 2024
  3. 18% of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in asphalt production by 2024
  4. 15% of recycled material compared to aggregate production by 2024
  5. 30% gender diversity in management staff by 2030
  6. 50% of sites in local dialogue by 2022
  7. 60% of quarries and gravel pits with biodiversity initiatives by 2021
  8. 30% of sites with complete water control by 2024

External Material Sales

Hot-Mix, Warm-Mix, Cold-Mix and recycled materials. (QPR ® BetoFlex, EcoMac, EcoMat)