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Our Services

Standard General tackled some of the more major and challenging projects in Calgary. We are up for the task whether it is technically difficult, a logistic nightmare, a business-sensitive area, and/or intricate design. Our clientele consult our technical expertise and engage our service knowing SG stands on solid ground.

At SG, we are made up of various divisions which contribute to the overall success of our projects. We are the only contractor in Calgary that works in all aspects of road construction. These are:

  • An Underground Division to install deep utilities like major sewers and water mains as well as services in the subdivisions.
  • A Base Prep Division to core, grade, and gravel all type of roads from back lanes to major freeways.
  • A Catch Basin & Shallow Utilities Division to install catch basins for surface drain, adjust manholes and valves for paving and install ductings for telecom and power utilities.
  • A Concrete division capable of hand-pouring intricate patterned and coloured sidewalk or extruding kilometers of curb & gutter, monolithic sidewalk, or concrete barriers.
  • A Paving Division to place hot/warm mix asphalt in parking lots, in loading areas, on all roads ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, major, expressways and even pathways.
  • An Asphalt Manufacturing Division to produce and control the quality of asphalt mix specific to the project. External sales of hot mix asphalt are available to our reliable paving partners.

Standing firmly behind our field divisions, is an legion of mechanics, coordinators, estimators, accountants plus a range of officers in support of the front line.

Our Asphalt Plants

We have three asphalt plants strategically located around the perimeter of the City of Calgary:

  • In the Northwest: Spy Hill Plant: located at 69th Street and 112th Avenue N.W. (403) 241-3426
  • In the East: Shepard Plant: located at 9880 Enterprise Way S.E. beside our main office (403) 536-2407
  • In the South: Dawes Plant: located 2 km east of Macleod Trail at 194 Avenue S.E. (403) 256-2902 (NOTE – this plant is shut down for maintenance until further notice)

For directions to our asphalt plants, please see our Contact Us section.

Companies wishing to purchase our asphalt products are welcome to call the plant at the numbers listed above or contact our Plant Superintendent at 403-660-9813.

We accept Cash, Visa and MasterCard or on account for our established customers.

Click this link for a credit application. Complete, sign and fax to Credit Department, Standard General Inc. at 403-212-4720.