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CN Calgary Logistics Park in Conrich, AB

Standard General was awarded a very large and exciting project by CN to develop their new intermodal site in the north east corner of Calgary.  Under the supervision of AECOM, construction period was from September 2011 to December 2012.  The contract price was $70+ million which is by far the largest single contract in ColasCanada.

Work volumes included approximately 2.5 million m3 of earth, 550,000 t of aggregates, 60,000 m3  of roller compacted concrete, 50,000 t of asphalt, more than 7 kilometers of deep utilities, nearly 24 kilometers of railway and several million dollar worth of electrical and mechanical installations.  All of this added up to a very tight schedule with no room for errors.

Most of the grading was completed in the Fall of 2011 and a large portion of the deep underground work was completed during the Winter of 2012.  Gravel crushing and major stockpiling commenced in late Fall of 2011 and was completed before Spring road ban, securing continuity of granular placement.  The rest of 2012 was a blur of gravel, concrete, asphalt and rails been installed left, right, and center.

CN took possession of site on January 10, 2013 and flipped the ON switch.  After that, it is a story about a satisfied client and a happy contractor.

The project was a challenge and a success for Standard General, closing out at a value of $78 million with additional work and revisions to the main scope. 

Highlighted challenges and solutions: 

  1. Under-estimated volume of topsoil stripping and unsuitable material, resulted in shortage of cut to fill, resolved by partial grade revision and introduction of local borrow pits.
  2. Seasonal constraints to early commencement of subgrade works and granular placement in 2012, resolved by:
    1. Late fall and early winter installation of deep utilities
    2. Winter and early spring installation of shallow utilities
    3. Stockpiling of 50% of crushed aggregates on site before spring road ban.
  3. RCC cost efficiency, achieved by erection of pug-mill on site and 24/7 placement schedule.
  4. ACS/ACB haulage cost minimization, achieved by erection of mobile asphalt plant on site.
  5. Contractor’s proposal for replacement of CDS type of oil and grit separator with cost effective stormceptor, brought substantial savings to the Owner and incentive rebate to the Contractor.
  6. Delays in supply of rails, OTM and ballast, resulted in substantial delays in completion of tracks and additional seasonal expenses.  Successfully mitigated by intensive overlapping of work schedules.
  7. Zero tolerance safety policy and special restrictions, imposed by the Owner, were addressed by allocation of 100% dedicated safety facilitator and additional resources for enforcement of safety, traffic control and security compliance.  Further, this established a Goal Zero culture within Standard General.
  8. Successful building of long term relationship with a top customer resulted in existing and prospective project augmentation and a separate long term snow removal contract on the facility.

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