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Standard General is committed to protecting the environment in all phases of our operations. We are developing an Environmental Management System to pursue substainability in our operations and reduce our ecological footprint. Currently waste management and recycling construction material are our key strengths as we explore future alternatives.
A consistently high level of environmental performance will require that Standard General and our employee be guided by the following principles:

OPERATIONS - conduct all operations at a minimum in accordance with current environmental standards & practices.

COMPLIANCE - comply with applicable federal, provincial, and local environmental legislation & regulations.

SELF MONITORING - monitor & inspect on a regular basis all operations, at a minimum audit annually the environmental aspects of business activities, carry out corrective measures promptly, and conduct management reviews of both inspection and audit reports.

TRAINING - provide the appropriate education and training for all employees & subcontractors to ensure they are aware of and understand their responsibility to the environment.

RESEARCH - support and promote research designed to develop new products and processes that improve our “Green Footprint”.

COMMUNICATION – recognize the sensitivity of concerns raised by the community and the public. Through positive communication, we will work constructively with all groups to try and address these concerns.

REGULATORY AGENCIES – collaborate with legislators and their agencies to achieve a proper balance of objectives in environmental standards and to ensure that such standards are appropriate and realistic.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE - develop and maintain response programs to minimize the environmental impact of emergency events.

WASTE MANAGEMENT - pursue programs leading to the reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery of wastes. Waste materials generated by business activities will be managed from generation to ultimate disposal in an environmentally acceptable manner.

SG has partnered with the The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) for various research and development projects. We can contribute to the credit requirements for the various LEED® rating systems used in Alberta.

At SG, we realize that safety and environment are two of the integral factors measuring our performance and economic success.